Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Year Professional Pictures

We took Michael for his One Year pro pictures at Picture People today. Even though the session ran through his nap, he did wonderfully.

We ended up getting 12 pictures and Jaime even teared up when he saw them. Our little boy is getting so big! When we got home we realized that they duplicated one picture and left out another. Now we have to order that one.

Here are the pictures! Let us know if you're interested in any.


  1. our michael is getting big the picures look real nice i want them all GOD BLESS HIM i like the ones him sitting on the lo como a besos

  2. I can't believe how much he has changed. So grown up.

    I love this blog thing. I need to start one so we can send pics of us. As you can see I couldn't sleep and remembered the blog. I am glad I caught up, this blog is awesome. I now have it as a favorite on my tool bar so I will visit more often. I will make sure the girls get hooked up also and anthony.
    Take care love you guys!!


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