Monday, March 30, 2009


Our sweet, helpful, wonderful little boy has been kidnapped by this other little boy that claims everything is his for the taking...Dad's burrito..."Mine"...Mom's Coffee..."Mine"..."Mine, Mine..MINE!!!!!".  It started last tuesday when we came home from daycare and Michael decided to open up the fridge and grab the last five slices of american cheese.  I offered to help peel him a slice but instead he said "No" which sounded to me like "Your powers are weak old man, take your hands off my damn cheese" and so he proceeded to run away from me so that he could enjoy his cheese.  Now we move to Friday 3/27/09.  I arrive at daycare to pick up Michael and his teacher begins to tell me how she had to put Michael in Time Out because he kept taking toys away from other children and claimed that they guessed it "Mine".  So that escalated into Michael attempting to throw another child out of a rocking chair because Michael claimed that the chair was his. After the assault.  So as Michael's teach Miss. Sade was explaining what happened, Michael was performing damage control by huggin me, and saying things like "Daddy I love you" and "Hi Daddy, My Daddy".  I believe Michael has a future in politics.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy's Little Monkey

We were having a hard time getting Michael to not throw a fit when we needed to leave for daycare in the morning. He hated to go downstairs and leave his toys. I had the brilliant idea one morning to give him a piggy back ride. He couldn't really say piggy, but could say monkey (well technically Mookey). So we call them monkey rides! I sit on the top stair every morning and say Monkey! He happily comes running up and holds on, no fits, no fuss. He holds on and enjoys every minute. Now most mornings I have to give both him and Wow-wow a ride, but it's ok. This morning he started counting steps! Granted it goes something like this, "one, too, tree, tree, fif, nine, foor. LOL! Mommy has no complaints about her little spider monkey.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caped Crusader??

These are the events that occurred after a trip to Target and after bath time last night. I feel the video and pictures tell the story better than I could. LOL.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Afternoon at the park

It was a beautiful 68 degrees today so I decided to leave work early and spend some quality time with Michael. Jaime normally picks him up from day care so Michael was soo surprised and excited to see me. Jaime had the same idea as me and we got home at the same time. We all went to the park to enjoy the nice weather. Michael LOVED the swings and refused to go anywhere else on the playground. It was really sunny so I lent him my sunglasses. He then refused to take them off. :). It was quite a fashion statement. We finally got him to try the slide and he was all smiles. After some fun running around we went to dinner. Yes, he was still wearing the sunglasses. It was such a nice way to spend an afternoon!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Papa's Birthday!

We celebrated Papa's birthday today. We had a lot of fun with everyone and even got to watch "Mama Mia". Michael LOVED the music and actually sat down and watched the whole movie while singing and dancing. It was so cute! Happy Birthday, Papa!!!! We love you.

Check out this video of my mom and aunts all singing ABBA while Michael stares and my uncle and Jaime make fun.

Jude and Michael's Playdate

Michael and I had a playdate yesterday with our friends Jeanine and Jude. The boys are only a few weeks in age apart and they LOVED hanging out. There was lots of playing, dancing and even some tears from Michael when he refused to share some of his favorite toys. Jaime and I need to work on that one... Jude is a sweetheart and such a good boy who had no issues sharing and even let Michael have his toy back so he wouldn't cry. So sweet!!! Jeanine and I drank coffee and chatted and it was a great morning! Can't wait to do it again!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Car Obsession and PJ Day at school

Michael decided that he wanted to go to sleep with his car last night. Sure, fine, right? Well not when the car is almost as big as he is! He was dragging around his RC car that Monica bought him for Christmas. It is the favorite toy right now, followed closely by Wow-Wow. I had to rock him, the car and the dog to sleep yesterday. I came in later and found this:

This is when he woke up this morning:

PJ Day at school and yes, he begged for me to take the car. Daddy talked him out of it:

This is what happens when he's quiet...

Michael was quietly eating yogurt. I turn around and this happens. How can I resist those dimples?
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My Poor Sick Baby

Here are some pictures from 2 weeks ago. We all got the same cold and everyone was miserable so we decided to have a lazy morning hanging out in bed. Some of Michael's expressions look way too much like mine. Can you say "attitude"? LOL

Generation Next

Chill, mom. I'm listening to my tunes!
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