Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy's Little Monkey

We were having a hard time getting Michael to not throw a fit when we needed to leave for daycare in the morning. He hated to go downstairs and leave his toys. I had the brilliant idea one morning to give him a piggy back ride. He couldn't really say piggy, but could say monkey (well technically Mookey). So we call them monkey rides! I sit on the top stair every morning and say Monkey! He happily comes running up and holds on, no fits, no fuss. He holds on and enjoys every minute. Now most mornings I have to give both him and Wow-wow a ride, but it's ok. This morning he started counting steps! Granted it goes something like this, "one, too, tree, tree, fif, nine, foor. LOL! Mommy has no complaints about her little spider monkey.

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