Monday, November 14, 2011

The Force is Strong with this craft...

   Resist, you cannot.... ok, bad Yoda joke but true for all you Star Wars fans.

I came up with this fun little craft while preparing for Michael's Lego Star Wars 4th Birthday party.    I wanted a craft that would entertain a bunch of sugared up 4 year olds, both boys and girls.   And if I know my four year old, if you can glue it and use markers, the craft will be a giant hit. 

I have to say, this did not disappoint!  The kids loved it and I have to admit, most of the dad's did, too.

I got the idea from this pic. I figured I could make an easy "glue it yourself" craft.   I used the same template for each of the characters and just tweaked it for Yoda, Chewbaca (my fav) and R2D2.


All the pieces cut out of construction paper and ready for the kids:  I cut out enough pieces for 10 of each character.  My hands were like claws after that.

I set up a table with elmers glue, googly eyes, markers, crayons and colored construction paper pages.  Yes, I am a brave woman, especially with my white carpet.   We thankfully had no accidents.

And here are the kid's Jedi Master-pieces.  Yes, that will be my last Star Wars pun.   I giggled every time I walked by these little guys.


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