Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ornament Swap!

This year I decided to join 

Tutu's and Tea Parties Ornament Swap

Lauren does an excellent job matching up crafters across the country and even internationally.   
We get to meet someone new and give them a little Christmas cheer.  
We then get to show off our creations in the Ornament Link Up!
Click on the link to check it out.


Below are the pictures of the kutsudama origami ball I made for my match partner, 
Bethany at Pitter and Glink.  
Bethany gave me her Christmas decor colors of navy blue, gold and white 
and I got to work.

October in Review

Hi there everyone!

Sorry I have been missing, but these past two months have been very busy with school, work and storms. Thankfully, we had no issues with the storm.   I hope you all had a great October and November.  I figured I give you all an October in review to see what we were up to.

First up, we had a trip to Sesame Place with our friends.   The entire park was decorated for Halloween and they even had Trick or Treating stations.  It was really cute, what wasn't cute were the incredible lines.  We waiting 1.5 hours for one ride.   Even so, Michael was a trooper and didn't mind as long has he got to go on the rides.

Add caption

We then decorated for Halloween!  My little helper was very excited to decorate with Mommy.   We also had fun harassing Jaime with the fake spiders.  Daddy is not a spider fan.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

If You're Pinning Then You're Winning!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

We officially have a Kindergartener!

Michael started Kindergarten a few weeks ago and was thrilled to go to big boy school.
(Hansel the cat was thrilled to photo bomb my pics)

I shared a few first day pics with my family, but have finally gotten around to writing a post on the day.
There were tons of smiles from Michael and a few tears from me.
I took the day off from work so I could drop him off and pick him up.
Of course, I had to work around the school bus, since that was what he was most excited about.
"Only big kids get to ride the bus, mom."

Last year, I downloaded the "First Day" templates from How She Does and LOVED it.
Here is pic from last year.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let the baking begin!

The hot summer weather broke last week
and we have had the most wonderful fall like temperatures!

Combine the gorgeous weather and over ripe bananas in my fruit bowl
and I thought banana bread!
I can bake again. :)
Then Jaime suggested chocolate chip banana bread.
Even better!

I consulted my dear friend Google and found THIS great recipe.

I made a few tweaks, 
adding in vanilla, cinnamon and less banana (I only had 2).
I also added in one chopped Hershey's bar instead of chocolate chips,
since it was the only chocolate I had on hand and didn't want to go to the store. 
Necessity is the mother of invention after all, right?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #18

Welcome to week 18 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I'm featuring a song that I love.
I used it as one of my wedding songs
and it holds a special place in my heart.
But, it now holds an even more sacred place.

This week, one of my friends lost her husband .
He was diagnosed with Brain Cancer late last year and
lost his courage battle early Thursday morning.
It was 11 months to the day of his diagnosis.
This was the song she walked down the aisle to marry her soul mate.

My friend supported, cared and fought with him every step of the way.
She also fought hard for their two small boys, ages 5 and 3,
to make sure they had a sense of normalcy in the face of such pain and sadness,
and to have good memories of both their daddy and mommy during this time.
She is a super woman.

This song is in memory of Dan.
Rest in Peace.
And to Gina, Carson and Tyler; we love you.

By Your Side - Sade


Monday, September 10, 2012

Giveaway - Mohawk Rug

Hi Everyone!

Yeah, I know it's Monday, but we are kicking this week off right.

Welcome to this awesome giveaway courtesy of Angie at Little Inspiration and  Mohawk!
Today you will have the chance to win a  Mohawk Rug 
up to $150!
Looking for a new rug for your living room, bedroom or kid's room? 
Look no further and browse through Mohawk's Area Rugs. 
Mohawk has many designs and sizes for you to choose from and are available at most retailers like Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowe's and More!

To learn more about Mohawk and read the review please check out Little Inspiration's
Mohawk Rug review

To Enter use the rafflecopter form below. US Residents only. Giveaway Ends September 24, 2012 at 12:01am.

Good Luck!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #17

Welcome to week 17 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I'm featuring an oldie but a goodie.
I chose it in honor of my little man's first day of kindergarten.
I'm so proud.

I thought it was about a boyfriend, but after seeing the video
you can see how it can be about anyone.
Perfect for my boy.

It's another fun
I used to sing it word for word and think I choreographed a dance to it...
It's in my iPod.

Let's Hear It For The Boy - Deniece Williams


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gearing up for Kindergarten

I've been somewhat emotional this week.
Like, almost sobbing into my salad at dinner, emotional.
How can my sweet little boy be starting school??
Yes, he's been in daycare since he was 3 months old, 
now he will be "in-transit" and taking the school bus and going to a big kid school.
I'll set that aside for Thursday.

Today was a nice ease mom and dad the kids into the transition
with Meet the Teacher Day.
We got to drop off our supplies, scope out the classroom, roam around the school and 
obviously meet the new teacher.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #16

Welcome to week 16 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I'm featuring a brand new song.
I heard it on the radio the day it was released and
instantly fell in love
and bought the song off of iTunes.

It's funny and quirky.
And if you've every been a teenage girl,
you can completely relate.
No wonder it's the fastest iTunes downloaded song ever.

The best part is her dancing around
in her pjs with her band dressed up as stuffed animals.
I also heard it was all shot in one take and with one camera.

It's fun.
It's going to be a teenage girl anthem.  :)
It's in my iPod.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fast Wire Shelving Surface Solution

All of the closets and shelving in our house is the standard
builders grade wire stuff.

A few years ago we removed the wire shelf in our laundry room 
and installed a nice 3 door cabinet. 
Other than that, all shelving has remained the same.

And if you have wire shelving you know how much fun it can be.
Especially in a pantry.  
All the little boxes or envelopes that tip over or
settle into the gaps between the wires.
I felt like my pantry was always in disarray.
I will hang my head in shame and embarrassment and show you my pantry.

Told you it was a big old mess.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #15

Welcome to week 15 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

I'm baaaack.
Well, I've been here the whole time, but was take a little summer break.
You know,
birthdays, vacation, getting the house in order,
mentally preparing myself for Michael to start Kindergarten.
Anyway, I'm back and this week I wanted to
send a shout out to an artist that was in the new this week.
You may have heard how he captured an intruder who broke in during the night
while the entire family was sleeping.
He subdued (aka punched him out) and held him until the police came.

I believe the intruder forgot a warning in this weeks song:
"Don't you ever, ever, pull my lever. 'Cause I explode."

Even if you don't like rap, just turn down the sound and take a moment to look at his muscles.
Go ahead, I'll wait....
I also believe this video needs more shots of his muscles.
I'm just saying.

I love this song and find it to be a great motivational song when I work out.
It pumps me up.
It should warn intruders.
It's in my iPod.

Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Hope you like it!
and go LL!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #14

Welcome to week 14 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I'm pumped up by the Olympic opening ceremony.
Well, at least what I caught, I feel asleep at the end.
But I have been watching Men's bicycling and Swimming this morning.

I loved the British music section.
It was really fun and reminded me of so many great songs.
So why not a little British invasion this week?

I love this song.
I love the high hair and highlights.
I love the smooth moves.
It's in my iPod.

The Reflex - Duran Duran


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #13

Welcome to week 13 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I decided to switch it up.
Let's go completely random and unbiased.
I hit shuffle on my iPod
and up popped this little gem.
Yes, it's truly outrageous.
Yes, that was a Gem reference.
Yes, I'm old.

This week's song is another fun one.
It's a one hit wonder.
It's got a psychedelic video.
It's in my iPod.

Groove is in the Heart - Deee Lite


Friday, July 20, 2012

My little fish

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool.
Or should I say, learning to swim.
Michael just finished Beginner Swim classes!

In one month, my little man went from having tentative, non face dampening, 
knee deep only, water fun,
to jumping with confidence off the diving block into the deep end, 
with short bursts of underwater swimming.
It truly is amazing what 8 lessons can do.
* and new goggles and practicing with mama after class *
That and a great coach!
(go Coach Tom)

This is Michael on his first class day.

He wasn't interested in taking off his water shoes, getting his face
or hair wet, or attempting the pool noodle on his own.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ooooooh, Sparkly.

Here is a tutorial for a quick, easy and pretty pendant.

I have been on a look out for a pretty pendant on a long necklace
for some time.

I while looking for the supplies for my wire cabochon TUTORIAL,
I came across this pretty filigree circle.
A light bulb went off.

Turns out I had everything on hand to make my own necklace.
Isn't sad when you don't realize or remember all the craft supplies you have?

20 inch silver chain
3 silver jump rings
faux pearls
bead spacer
twist clasp

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just the right fit

So, I'm talking shoes again.
I'm my issues with shoe sizing and fit.
(again, sorry for making you look at my feet)

I found these adorable sandals last month for $5.
I mean, they are cute AND in my size so I snapped them up quickly.

Then I realized that they ran big.
So even these size 5's were too big for my right foot.
Like they were more like size 6.
But they were so cute!!!!!


After staring at them a bit, I realized that I could
adjust both the front and back straps.
In theory
And if I messed up, it was only $5 down the drain.
So I bought them.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #12

Welcome to week 12 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

I thought last week's heat was bad,
today will be the hottest day this summer.
I don't know about you, but temps in the 100s are just plain mean.

This week's song is a one of those get you moving numbers.
Basically what I would be doing if I wasn't busy melting.
It reminds of high school and parties.
It's in my iPod.

Gonna Make You Sweat - C+C Music Factory

My observations from this video:
  • I remember when I fit into biker shorts...
  • I also remember the whole controversy over who actually sung the chorus to this song.
  • It's kinda all over the place, with the dancers and models and kids and gears. :) 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Clipper Hair Cut Success at Home!

Take a look at my handsome little man and his fresh new haircut,
done by me!

This is a big deal.

After a few
at home trims I have given him, I vowed not to torture him again.

Exhibit A:
Poor baby, his bangs were a hot, crooked mess. 
He looked like Friar Tuck.
Notice he is flipping me off.

Ever since, Jaime insisted we needed a pro to cut Michael's hair.
But this kid has a TON of hair and it grows so fast.
Visits to our local place were either every 3 - 4 weeks or
my kid ran around like a mop head 
(albeit, cute mop head).

I was catching up on my blog reading when I stumbled upon THIS
post from Young House Love and how Sherry cuts John's hair.
It was a really good tutorial and gave me new hope.
Only thing was she uses scissors.
That had been my downfall before. 
See Exhibit A.

A few weeks later, as I was running my hands through Michael's really-needing-to-be-cut hair,
I decided to google boys haircuts and clippers,
since I had a perfectly unused clipper kit in the closet.
If I can see it done, I'm sure I can do it.

I found two great tutorials that gave me the confidence to try again!
Besides, it's summer and no one would question it if my kid went to school with a buzz cut.
Buzz cuts hide all mistakes.

The first site is Frugal Fun for Boys and THIS post has great pics and videos.

The second site is Heavenly Homemakers and THIS post has a wonderful picture of hair angles.

Using all three posts and reviewing the video several times, 
I set out to tame Michael's tresses.
(hey, it was fun to say)

I forgot to take a before picture.
His hair was long around the ears and had no shape.  
Basically a long, fuzzy brown ball.

I started at the bottom and used the size 3 guard all around the back and sides of his head.
I figured I could make it shorter if necessary.
I then used the size 4 guard at the temple and top back of the head.
I like his bangs longer, 
so I used the size 8 guard for the front and cut the top.
I decided to go back over the bottom with a size 2 guard to tighten it up.
Lastly, I cleaned up the sideburns and back hairline with a Jaime's beard trimmer.

It really was just like the videos.
Granted, Michael giggled and flinched throughout the process,
but at least I didn't mess up his hair or have to buzz him. 
I did have to give him the hairy eyeball a few times.

Jaime came to supervise right at the end and was very impressed.
He even said I can cut Michael's hair all the time.
I think he was happy about saving the $15 per cut.

If you already cut the hair in your family, do you have any tips?
If you can work up the nerve, try it.
You may surprise yourself and save some cash. 


Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July Wreath

We normally don't decorate for Independence Day.
Yes, I feel a bit guilty about not flying the red, white and blue.
But I have been loving all of the amazing decor I've been seeing on
blogland and pinterest.

There was a 5 Below store right next to the restaurant where we were having dinner last night.
Outside was a huge bin of pool noodles marked $1 each.
Didn't I see some cool, pool noodle wreath tutorials?
I can give it a try for $1.

So after dinner, we headed over and I picked up a few noodles and 
some amazing decorative duct tape.
(for my next project)

After reviewing my pins and doing a few google searches,
I put this little number together this afternoon,
 I am really digging it.
And it was so easy to make!
and literally cost me $1!!
(insert happy dance)

What do you need to make your own wreath:
Pool Noodle
Packing Tape
Blue and White paper
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Paint - Optional
Ribbon - Optional

I angled the ends of my pool noodle slightly
so it would make a perfect circle.
Once I got the right fit, tape it up.

Songs from the Vault Saturday #11

Welcome to week 11 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I'm conceding to the extreme heat.
This week has ended with severe thunderstorms and temps in the high 90s.
If you know east coast summers, it is hazy, hot and
(my poor crazy hair).

This week's song shows non-roasting oven,
summer vacation, beachy fun.
It reminds of lots of good times at the shore.
It's in my iPod.

Steal My Sunshine - Len

My observations from this video:
  • How fun are the mopeds.  Need to put that on my bucket list.
  • I need to schedule a beach vacation.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Songs From The Vault Saturday #10

Welcome to week 10 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I decided to post an 80s song in
honor of the 80s Party my girlfriends are having tonight.
That's right,
I'm whipping out the aqua net, teasing comb and neon.
I heard someone has a crimping iron....
Can I just say one thing?

ok, two things.

My room was plastered with George.
Oh, swoon.
This song epitomizes 80s fun, hair and fashion.
It's a guilty pleasure.
It's in my iPod.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!

My observations from this video:
  • I still have no clue what this song is about. :)
  • Frosted tips, dolphin shorts and goofy dancing. No problem.
  • Glow in the dark eyebrows are not a good look.


Monday, June 18, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Hi All!
Sorry I've been MIA, just been busy at work and at home.
But I'm back and wanted to share my latest craft, a

Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant

I am a sucker for all things sparkly and intricate.
This pendant has all the things I love,
and it's easy to do,
and it's purple!

You don't necessarily need a cabochon, any oval shaped
jewel, stone, rock would work just fine.

Supplies needed:
22 Gauge Wire - I used Sterling Silver (found at Michael's Craft store)
Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Jump rings

So here is my pretty cab.  I actually made this guys with dichroic and purple glass.
oooooooh, shiny.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #9

Welcome to week 9 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

This week I decided to post a fun summer song.
One we all know and probably sing out loud at weddings or at the bar.
Remember that Grease remix a few years back?
Yes, I'm old.
Whenever I hear it, I smile and want to sing into my hairbrush.
It makes me remember hugging my double album set.

Summer Nights - Grease Soundtrack

My observations from this video:
  • I still think Olivia Newton John is the best singer EVAH!
  • I used to think that Danny Zucco was dreamy.
  • I don't remember high school being this fun. :)

Hope you like it and it makes you sing or tap your toe along.


Friday, June 8, 2012

My Little Graduate

We celebrated Michael's Pre-K Graduation on Wednesday.
It was an adorable little ceremony at his daycare for the 24 students in the class.

Teachers Miss Rae Leigh and Miss Kelly did an excellent job with everything!
Below is the Ceremony portion of the booklet we received.
It had the names of all the children,
ceremony details
and a small message to the kids.
So sweet.

Here are all the anxious graduates.
You can see that Michael is pumped to sing the "Toy Story" theme song.
We didn't think he would belt it out like he did.

But then got very serious as Miss Rae Leigh read the awards.

Here is Michael receiving his special award,
Class Anchorman.
Since he likes to report all the news to the teachers, parent or anyone that will listen. :)
Jaime was proud and leaned over and whispered "Stay Classy, San Diego"
We love the movie Anchorman.

I love his smile and how he is reading his award!

Here you see the kids celebrating and at the end of the ceremony.
They were all dancing to "My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

My little graduate!

Michael posing with Tita.

And then with me.
I promise I am wearing clothes in this picture.

We bought Michael an Avengers Lego Set to celebrate.
He was thrilled. 

So thrilled that he slept with the entire box.
Exhibit A: The top arrow is his head. The bottom arrow is the box.  

And to see how much he has grown,
this is his first day of Pre-K picture.

And this is his last day.
sniffle sniffle.
He looks like such a big boy.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, little man.