Sunday, January 29, 2012

You have my heart

I had such a fun time making the origami flower in THIS post,
I wanted to try origami again.

After a bit of internet research, I came across this SITE with both
written and video tutorial on the beauty above.
They suggested making the heart from money to gift.
Now, that is what I call a good gift.  :)

I was totally inspired and off I went to find some paper.
I ended up choosing 3 different colors,
as I wanted to make 3 different size hearts.

The cast of characters:

Paper Cutter or Scissors

I cut my paper as follows:

Pink - Same size as a money bill ($1 I'm a big spender)
Purple - Sheet of 8.5X11 cut on the short side
Red - Sheet of 8.5X11 cut on the long side

Here are the steps.
It seems like a lot, but one heart takes about 3 minutes total.

Take your paper and fold both ends in a 45 degree angle down
Flatten back down and repeat the 45 degree angles up.
In my pic, I flipped by sheet of paper and did a down fold again.
Same difference. :)
See the cool-criss cross you got going on?

Take one side of the folds and bring both ends to meet.
This will create a triangle to your right.
Press down on the triangle.
Repeat on the other side.

Once you have both ends completed, take the right side 
and fold it over the left.
Fold over both corners on the right in 45 degree angles.

Take that same half and fold back over the 2 small,
45 degree angles.
Now you will have a diamond shape, made up of 2 triangles.
Take each leg of the triangles and fold up so it meets the point 
of the triangle.
Repeat for each of the 4 legs.

Open the middle and press the tip of the folded legs to middle of the diamond
Repeat for each leg.
This will leave you with for small diamonds
Take the  sides of the diamonds and fold them in
toward the middle of the small diamond.
It will leave you with a kite shape.
Now take each of those folds, open the middle and press the tip
towards the middle of the diamond.
Repeat for each side of the diamond, 8 folds.

You are now finished with the front!
Turn the heart around and take the top piece of paper
and fold it down to the tip of the heart.
Fold over the tips of of the side of the heart to finish the look.

Here is the finished product, without and extras.
Then with a sparkly jewel set in the middle.

Since I was not using money for this origami,
I whipped out the glue gun and added the jewel.
I also glued down the side folds of the heart in the back.
I then added a ribbon for hanging.

Here are my completely finished hearts!

The bottom of the hearts are open so you can attach them to anything.
I added on to the frame above.

Gratuitous Plug: How cute is my 3 month old little man in that pic. I just want to eat him up  

You could also add them to a card or use as a bookmark.
The ribboned hearts can be gift tags, or stand alone ornaments.

I really loved making these and think the bling gives them a little sumpin' sumpin'

Happy Valentines Day!



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  5. These are really pretty! Thanks for sharing how to make them! ~tina

  6. So very cute! Mine would come out looking like a 2 year old made them - no, wait - the 2 year old's would look better!!! BUT, I have some extra paper on hand....

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  14. Love it! I'm inspired to try some origami again. Haven't done it in a long time.

  15. This looks complicated but I'm goin to give it a try!

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  21. I am horrible at origami. These are inspiring. Good luck from Bacon Time.

  22. I love orgami, I used to do it all the time. You inspire me to go get some paper in pretty colors!

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    1. Thanks, Emily. It's actually pretty easy after the first time. You can do it!

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  27. So pretty, Melysa! Thank you for sharing this tutorial and the links! I really enjoy working with paper crafts and am always looking for something new and different!

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