Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wondering what's in the kiln, now?

Remember the glass tiles from this post that didn't come out so well?
So I tried to fix them up in my 6X6 inch baby kiln....

Thing is, the baby kiln is super awesome, but as with any baby
you have to watch it,
since it doesn't have an automatic timer like by big kiln.

I had every intention of checking on it every ten minutes, 
but then the little man asked me to help
him with a craft...
and the tiles were over-fired.

1600 degrees.

How is that a problem?
Well, they get this nasty frosted film all over them.

Not the look I was going for.

Anyway, I had to start from scratch.
With a fully supervised little helper. 
 (Safety first, peeps)

A new sheet of glass.

cut into 1 inch strips

then into one inch squares.

2 layers, 1495 degrees and a timed kiln later later....

(don't mind the spots, it's just the non-stick coating chipping.  I have to reapply.  
But I was lazy and just arranged the tiles around them.)

They are perfect for my next little endeavor.
More to come!



  1. that looks like so much fun! you have 2 kilns??

  2. @ Hilary - Yup, 2 kilns. But they are different. One is a small table top one, the other is a large sized. I love them.


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