Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

a certain little boy had an
Lego Star Wars Party!!!!
 (that is a direct quote from the little man himself)

Star Wars and Legos are number one in these parts and what could be better than
Lego Star Wars?
A 4th Birthday party.

I did my research on Lego and Star Wars parties.
There are so many blogs with amazing and creative ideas.
I needed to keep in mind we would be hosting approximately 15, 3 to 5 year olds
so I wanted to make the activities easy and fun for everyone.

I also wanted to keep costs down and get my craft on.
These are some of the things I either "borrowed" from many creative ladies
or figured out myself.

Invitations and Decor
I ordered a very cool ticket invitation from Etsy.  Unfortunately, the shop is no longer listed.
I made matching mailing labels.

I opted for a store bought Darth Vadar Pinata, it was too cool to pass up.

The decor was mainly primary colors
and Michael's regular and Star Wars Lego sprinkled about.

Bummed this picture was so dark.  :(

My aunt made these adorable fruit cabobs.
notice the Yoda container?
Surprisingly all the marshmallows began to disappear....  :)

Kid Sized Light Sabers
I ordered cheer sticks in blue and green and added duct tape as a handle.
These were a GIANT hit.  A plus is that they have
on and off switches and are soft,
so I didn't have to worry about the kids hurting each other.

I got my cheer sticks here

Cake Top
I whipped together a quick Top for the main cake.
Just printed it out and glued toothpicks to the back to stand on the cake.

Cupcake Toppers
We had the Jedi's and the Dark Side.
Get my Cupcake Topper template HERE

Lego goodie bags with Personalized Tags
Bags are from Target, then use your 2 inch hole punch in same color for Lego pegs.
I used the same characters from the cupcake toppers for the labels.
I found a free Star Wars font on THIS site.

Goodie Bags contained:
Star Wars Pez Dispenser - I found a box of 20 on Ebay for $15
Jedi Certificate found HERE
Star Wars Fruit Snacks - I found them at Walmart
One Lego Figure Pack - I found them at Target
Star Wars Sticker - I found them at Target

Jedi Training Games

Light Saber Training
I demonstrated how Jedi's have to train with balloons.
After a brief pause, the kids went crazy!

Mustafar Lava Jump
Once the kids had mastered their light sabers,
they needed to navigate the lava fields of Mustafar and not drop their light sabers.
The kids lined up and hopped from stone to stone to safety.

This game was very popular and super easy.  I made it with a old red vinyl table cloth
and brown paper cut outs.

Giant Lego Stacking
Another easy craft made with package boxes, toilet paper/paper towel tubes
and spray paint.
Tape the box closed, cut your tubes in 2 inch sections, tape to the top of the box and spray.
These make both great decorations and then a great game.

The kids have to stack all the boxes in a tower with out it falling.
They even get to use their Jedi Mind Power to keep it from falling over.

Pin the Light Saber on Yoda
I found a cool picture of Lego Yoda online and enlarged it to 11 X 17 and printed.
I also printed a light saber for each child.
We used a Boba Fett mask we had with eyes covered for each child.

Other activities
(besides running around beating each other with light sabers)

Star Wars Paper craft
Full post can be found here

Star Wars Coloring Pages
Get free printables on by doing a google search, there are TONS!
I picked a storm trooper and Darth Vadar.

Lego Coloring Pages with Birthday Message
These were just too cute and you can customize!

The kids had a terrific time, I think most of the dad's were also in heaven.
The smile on Michael's face was priceless and so was his exclamation of it being
The bestest birthday EVER!


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  1. The kid sized light sabers are awesome!

  2. This sounds like such a fun party - we are planning a Lego party for my almost 7 year old!

  3. DARLING, AND SO SO SO COOL. I have some boys at my house that would LOVE this party. Love the light sabers. winks, jen

  4. What a great party! Hate to say but I have never seen Star Wars and I'm 44yrs.old. LOL

  5. What a cool, fun party! I am planning a lego themed party for my boy, so thanks for sharing! Visiting via Too Cute Tuesday, new follower x

  6. Oh my gosh!! This is soo adorable!! I really wish I had a little boy so I could host a party like this!! It would be perfect especially since my hubby loves Star Wars!!

    Thanks for linking this post up to Lisa's Linky List #2!!

    Lisa's Craft Blog

  7. My boys would love this!!! I am definetly going to keep it in mind for their next birthdays!!

  8. Great job!! That looks like an awesome birthday party!! I bet myself and my 7 year old Star-Wars-lover would have loved it there! :)
    Leanne @ because (I think) I Can

  9. Really cute! My nephew would LOVE this. Those kid-sized light sabres are too much. Oh - I found you from Lisa's Craft blog.

  10. Hi Melysa - I found you on Not JUST a Housewife - this is fantastic - my nearly 7 year old is OBSESSED with Lego Starwars (we even have the movie!) What a fantastic party - awesomeness!
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  11. What a wonderful party! My son is a teenager now, he would have loved something like this when he was younger. Amazing job on all of the decorations and games!!

  12. Oh this is so cool. I have a friend who loves Star Wars and legos so I'm familiar with the whole phenomenon. I love the clever games you came up with! I think that's what really makes this party go straight to "AWESOME".

  13. Adorable! We're doing a dot theme this weekend for small one's big day.

    So glad that you decided to join Pin'Inspiration Thursday this week :-)

  14. You're a gem!! My soon-to-be five year old wants a Star Wars party and this is PERFECT! Love those light sabers...can't wait to order those. And all of your games are awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I'm your newest follower!

  15. What a fun party!! I bet your son had a blast :). I love all your details!!

  16. This looks like a fabulous party! Heaps of great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Looks like a great party! Super fun ideas~

  18. Wow, how much fun was that!? Love the light sabers and all the other decorations. Great party!

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  21. How adorable! I love the lightsabers you found and those goodie bags are absolutely darling!!


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