Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

So Jaime did get his peace and quiet today. He also loved his picture, cards, cookies and chocolate covered cherries. Michael was a dream and even took a 4 hour nap. After his nap, we took Jaime out for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and capped off the day at the park. Couldn't ask for a better day. Happy Father's Day!

Jaime's Father's Day Picture

Jaime asked for peace, quiet and an updated Father's Day picture for his desk a work. I'll have to work with Michael on the quiet part, but we did work together to get the picture updated. :)

Cassandra's First Birthday

Last Sunday was Cassandra's first birthday party. It was a Backyardigans themed and it was a lot of fun. Cassandra was a doll the whole party. I wish I could say the same for Michael, but he is 2... LOL

Chili Cook Off

The next town over hosted a Chili Cook-Off last Saturday. It was so much fun. We thought it would be a local thing with sponsors, but this thing was HUGE with entries from all over the country. There were live bands, contests, classic cars, rides, fair foods, free chili sampling, and a whole area for little kids complete with a petting zoo. There were hundreds of people there. And as we walked into the children's area, who do I see just in front of us but Evelyn, Jeff and Megan. We hung out for a couple of hours and enjoyed the fair. The only down side was that the weather was a bit sketchy. We ended up leaving right at around 4 and as we were driving away we saw lightening and raindrops, then it POURED. All in all a great afternoon, even with a child who did not nap. He did fabulous.

As a side note, we almost didn't go, since as I was slathering Michael in sunscreen at home, he wiggled away and smacked his forehead on the corner of the wall and baseboard. It swelled up immediately and DH was freaking out saying we had to go to the ER since he burst a blood vessel. I iced it and researched it online. It was only a goose egg and the swelling eventually stopped. This kid has ANOTHER boo boo and I almost had a heart attack!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Concrete just came out of nowhere!

We received another incident report from daycare yesterday. Apparently, Michael was racing another child in the playground for a toy and fell on the concrete. He's still a bit puffy, but luckily there is no bruising, just lots of scrapes. I know that this is the first of MANY boo boo's considering how active he is becoming. He is taking it in stride and seems in great spirits. He is definitely ALL boy.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Fun Day

We went to the Family Fun Day fair in our town last weekend. There was a band, vendors, fair rides, pony rides and most important POLICE CARS and FIRETRUCKS! The first thing we saw when we arrived were 2 local firetrucks.

We tried to coax Michael to sit inside of it, but I think they scared him. Then he saw another little boy sitting in the drivers seat and the rest was history. I could not get him away from the firetruck, well, until he saw the police cars. He got in the drivers seat and turned on the siren, causing the cops to come running. They looked angry until they realized how little Michael was, so crisis was averted. Michael actually sat on the cops lap in the cruiser and LOVED it. I don't mind if he's sitting in the FRONT seat of the cop car. LOL

He then spotted an ambulance and decided he wanted to drive it as well, unfortunately it was not an attraction. Michael then proceeded to run back and forth from the firetruck to the police cars. It was a fun day and he did great for his first fair. We even got to pet a few dogs that were around. Michael didn't like the big dog in the pictures, but he was a sweetheart. Can't wait to try actual rides, they were on dinner break when we got there.

Memorial Day 2009

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We spent one day at Paul and Veronica's (our friends and Michael's godparents), another day getting the carpentry on the fireplace updated and then another day gardening. Michael got to test out his bubble mower with daddy. He has always hated the lawnmower and now he is in LOVE. So much so, that he ran down the street and "mowed" all of our neighbors lawns. You try dragging a 2 year old off of a stranger's immaculate lawn. It's not fun. LOL