Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chili Cook Off

The next town over hosted a Chili Cook-Off last Saturday. It was so much fun. We thought it would be a local thing with sponsors, but this thing was HUGE with entries from all over the country. There were live bands, contests, classic cars, rides, fair foods, free chili sampling, and a whole area for little kids complete with a petting zoo. There were hundreds of people there. And as we walked into the children's area, who do I see just in front of us but Evelyn, Jeff and Megan. We hung out for a couple of hours and enjoyed the fair. The only down side was that the weather was a bit sketchy. We ended up leaving right at around 4 and as we were driving away we saw lightening and raindrops, then it POURED. All in all a great afternoon, even with a child who did not nap. He did fabulous.

As a side note, we almost didn't go, since as I was slathering Michael in sunscreen at home, he wiggled away and smacked his forehead on the corner of the wall and baseboard. It swelled up immediately and DH was freaking out saying we had to go to the ER since he burst a blood vessel. I iced it and researched it online. It was only a goose egg and the swelling eventually stopped. This kid has ANOTHER boo boo and I almost had a heart attack!

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