Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Fun Day

We went to the Family Fun Day fair in our town last weekend. There was a band, vendors, fair rides, pony rides and most important POLICE CARS and FIRETRUCKS! The first thing we saw when we arrived were 2 local firetrucks.

We tried to coax Michael to sit inside of it, but I think they scared him. Then he saw another little boy sitting in the drivers seat and the rest was history. I could not get him away from the firetruck, well, until he saw the police cars. He got in the drivers seat and turned on the siren, causing the cops to come running. They looked angry until they realized how little Michael was, so crisis was averted. Michael actually sat on the cops lap in the cruiser and LOVED it. I don't mind if he's sitting in the FRONT seat of the cop car. LOL

He then spotted an ambulance and decided he wanted to drive it as well, unfortunately it was not an attraction. Michael then proceeded to run back and forth from the firetruck to the police cars. It was a fun day and he did great for his first fair. We even got to pet a few dogs that were around. Michael didn't like the big dog in the pictures, but he was a sweetheart. Can't wait to try actual rides, they were on dinner break when we got there.

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