Thursday, December 11, 2008

Secret Santa

Michael and I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange for the baby website that I am a member. We received the cutest gifts and Michael loved them all. We took a video of Michael thanking our Secret Santa, it's pretty funny. You can tell that Michael was thinking of his stomach when we shot this.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally, a family potrait

We finally did it! It really took some sweet talking to get Jaime to be in a formal picture. I think they came out great, considering Michael refused to cooperate with the photographer. When he wasn't running out of the shot and into the mall, he was yelling, crying and hiding his face. We managed to get one good picture of him alone before he had a complete meltdown.




More fun with lights

He cannot get enough of them!

Outside Christmas Lights

I finally finished the outside decorations today, in the 30 degree cold!! I'm happy with the results.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am a cruel, cruel mother...

I knew this was going to turn out bad, but it's a right of passage, right? Is it mean that I look at this and laugh hysterically? I can't wait until he is 17 and I can show it to his girlfriends... Season's Greetings, LOL!!!!

Trimming the Tree

Michael was quite the little helper when I put up the tree on Sunday. He insisted on taking out the balls (thankfully I thought ahead and bought the shatterproof kind). He then threw out the ball container. (I had to fish it out of the trashcan). Then on to decorating, where he would grab the balls and throw them at the tree. He had so much fun, and I laughed and waited until he lost interest to really decorate. Jaime and Michael then assisted by sitting on the sofa and watching Star Wars. :)

He has been pretty good with the decorated tree. He loves the lights and likes to hit and snatch the ornaments. We are using the word NO a lot. He also found his favorite ornament, a picture book with his picture in it. He will take it off of the tree and ask me to read about the "baby". I wonder what he is going to think when I put presents under the tree...

House Updates

I bought new lamps for the family room and I finally got around to upgrading the trim on the fireplace mantel. I wanted to add some life to the fireplace and am really happy with the results. Best of all, I did the entire project myself. Yes, I have a sore thumb from where I smashed it with a hammer, but it was well worth it.




Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaime, Michael and I hosted Thanksgiving this year. Everyone came over and we had a perfect day without any hiccups. Titi Carmen purchased and seasoned the turkey and Jaime cooked it. Roasting the Thanksgiving turkey is some major pressure, but it was perfect and absolutely delicious. We had great appetizers and a TON of food. I tried a new recipe I found for corn bread and sausage stuffing and it was amazing (with a little kick)! Nancy and Sam brought red rice (which was awesome) and yams (which Sam said weren't as good as last year. Since Jaime and I don't eat yams, we took his word for it. Carmen and my mom made the ham, Jaime couldn't stop raving about it. Monica made the BEST Rum cake for desert. I think it made me a bit tipsy. Michael didn't each much dinner since he got into the graham crackers for the Pumpkin Pie dip and ate about 30. At least he ate. Michael and Gabrielle had a blast playing and chasing eachother around the house. Gabrielle is fast and Michael couldn't keep up. It should be interesting next year. :) Unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling well, but at least she got to enjoy her grandson.

Considering it was Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you all know how thankful we are to have you in our lives. I hope everyone stays healthy, happy and prosperous and we are able to do this all again next year. XOXO