Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaime, Michael and I hosted Thanksgiving this year. Everyone came over and we had a perfect day without any hiccups. Titi Carmen purchased and seasoned the turkey and Jaime cooked it. Roasting the Thanksgiving turkey is some major pressure, but it was perfect and absolutely delicious. We had great appetizers and a TON of food. I tried a new recipe I found for corn bread and sausage stuffing and it was amazing (with a little kick)! Nancy and Sam brought red rice (which was awesome) and yams (which Sam said weren't as good as last year. Since Jaime and I don't eat yams, we took his word for it. Carmen and my mom made the ham, Jaime couldn't stop raving about it. Monica made the BEST Rum cake for desert. I think it made me a bit tipsy. Michael didn't each much dinner since he got into the graham crackers for the Pumpkin Pie dip and ate about 30. At least he ate. Michael and Gabrielle had a blast playing and chasing eachother around the house. Gabrielle is fast and Michael couldn't keep up. It should be interesting next year. :) Unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling well, but at least she got to enjoy her grandson.

Considering it was Thanksgiving, I wanted to let you all know how thankful we are to have you in our lives. I hope everyone stays healthy, happy and prosperous and we are able to do this all again next year. XOXO

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast. I have been eating for 4 days, unbelievable amounts of really good food.
    We hosted dinner for Anthonys side of the family (16). We set up a big table. I bought flowers, candles etc. and Anthony arranged them. Dinner was really nice, we enjoyed all sitting together which we have never done since the family is big. Angelina came up with a great idea and all my plastic ware looked real until you picked it up. We did it again on Saturday. I taught Angelina how to do the dinner and she did it all herself. We brined the organic free range turkey and it was the BEST EVER!


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