Sunday, November 16, 2008

Michael is 18 months old today

I cannot believe my sweet baby is a year and half old today. It really is true how quickly time flies as it feels like we were only just bringing him home from the hospital.

Some fun facts for Michael at 18 months ~~~

We have been having a blast lately as Michael is learning so much and really adding to his vocabulary. Michael can now name most of his body parts; head, nose mouth, toes, pee-pee, belly or pipa, huevoes and boobies(thanks, Jaime), make animal noises like wow-wow, meow, and quack, and some of his colors, especial puh puh (purple). He also loves to say shoes, socks, fish, choo choo(doo doo), beep beep, yes and my absolute favorite Duh-Do (love you).

Michael's favorite toys right now are his train James, his power wheels car, and his stuffed dog Wow-wow, who he drags everywhere by his ear.

Michael's favorite foods right now are Goldfish, grapes, peas, rice, spaghetti and french fries.

Last but not least are our Mickey pictures. It is really difficult to get an active toddler to sit still for pictures!

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