Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Michael was quite the little helper when I put up the tree on Sunday. He insisted on taking out the balls (thankfully I thought ahead and bought the shatterproof kind). He then threw out the ball container. (I had to fish it out of the trashcan). Then on to decorating, where he would grab the balls and throw them at the tree. He had so much fun, and I laughed and waited until he lost interest to really decorate. Jaime and Michael then assisted by sitting on the sofa and watching Star Wars. :)

He has been pretty good with the decorated tree. He loves the lights and likes to hit and snatch the ornaments. We are using the word NO a lot. He also found his favorite ornament, a picture book with his picture in it. He will take it off of the tree and ask me to read about the "baby". I wonder what he is going to think when I put presents under the tree...

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  1. How fun, when you get our age no body wants to decorate the tree. I hope this year Angelina takes an interest to prepare her for her own.
    The pictures of Michael are great! You are such an awesome Mom to document all this stuff for us and for him. He will have the best ever stuff to look back at. And he is so cute I wanna just hug him squeeze him and kiss him telling him how much we love him!


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