Saturday, November 24, 2012

October in Review

Hi there everyone!

Sorry I have been missing, but these past two months have been very busy with school, work and storms. Thankfully, we had no issues with the storm.   I hope you all had a great October and November.  I figured I give you all an October in review to see what we were up to.

First up, we had a trip to Sesame Place with our friends.   The entire park was decorated for Halloween and they even had Trick or Treating stations.  It was really cute, what wasn't cute were the incredible lines.  We waiting 1.5 hours for one ride.   Even so, Michael was a trooper and didn't mind as long has he got to go on the rides.

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We then decorated for Halloween!  My little helper was very excited to decorate with Mommy.   We also had fun harassing Jaime with the fake spiders.  Daddy is not a spider fan.  


Then we had the scary sewing project.  Michael wanted to be a storm trooper for Halloween but I couldn't find the classic costume in stores so I ordered it online.  The sizing was right in between of Michael's current size, so I opted to go the larger size.   Boy, was I off.   I am an amateur sewer at best, but this project had me a bit concerned.    I took the pants in at both the top of the black knee area and also at the bottom of the shoe cover.  I also took in the waist at the back seam.  I didn't cut out the extra fabric, in case Michael wants to use it again, then I could just let the seams out.  It came out pretty good if I do say so myself. :)  

Here is my little Storm Trooper modeling his costume. He was thrilled. And if you are counting, this is his third year as a Star Wars character.  He has also been Anakin Skywalker and Jango Fett (not Boba, he would be sure to correct you). 

Even Luna had little Halloween make over for her crate.    I made an envelope pillow cover for her doggie bed. I used THESE instructions. The fabric was a soft flannel and the pattern total fits her personality.  She absolutely loved it!  

And we can't forget her Halloween costume this year.  She is my little jail bird.  And the back of the costume says Bad-Dog.    

I would have totally dressed her in her Princess Leia costume I made last year, but she destroyed the wig.   I guess she didn't like the buns.  :)  Learn how to make it HERE.

Our friends threw the cutest Halloween party for the kids.  There was pumpkin painting, bobbing for apples, musical chairs and all sorts fun treats.   My friend Suzanne did an amazing job!!   How cute are these guys.

Also, I must say that warm pumpkin wine with a cinnamon stick is AMAZING!  Yum.

 Due to Hurricane Sandy, Halloween was postponed here in New Jersey.  On 10/31, we decided to carve our pumpkins and have hot chocolate.

Trick or Treating was held on November 4th.  Michael had a blast both going out for candy and coming home to hand out treats.   His costume was a hit with all the dads.  :)    


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