Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fresh out of the kiln - Recycled Bottle Dish

In my last post you saw me fire up my kiln.   I wanted to show you all what came out!

It is always so exciting to open up the kiln 8+ hours later to see what you created.  I feel it's like Christmas morning. 

Here we are all done and cooled down to room temperature.   If you were wondering, the kiln went up to 1495 degrees F to slump the bottle.

Taking a peek at my surprises!

Everything came out looking good!  The blanks will need some tweeking, however the bottle is PERFECT!   Glass is a finicky medium and it likes to do whatever it wants.  Which is why opening the kiln is always a surprise.   Here is the final project.

All that is left to do is add the finishing touches (aka BLING).  I move up to my craft room/office for this part.  I love the light in this room.

First add some clear bumpers to the back of the bottle/dish.   These are the ones I normally use (the smaller ones on the side.)

Here that are all placed.  You can even still read the "Luna di Luna" logo on the back of the bottle.

Next up is flipping over the bottle and adding a the bling.  You can emblelish the bottle with lots of things; wire, glass beads, paint.    For this bottle, who a friend asked me to make, I'm adding a dichroic glass cabachon that I also made.   Dichroic glass is so cool, it is extremely sparkly (which I loooove), but it also changes colors.  Here is the cab.

I added it to the neck of the bottle with a bit of E6000 and wait for it to dry.

Last up is adding a cheese knife and ribbon. 

Tada!  I normally make these as gifts, and they make great cheese or hors d'oeuvre  plates at parties.   As and added plus, I thoroughly enjoy the first part of making these, drinking the wine. :)


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