Monday, March 30, 2009


Our sweet, helpful, wonderful little boy has been kidnapped by this other little boy that claims everything is his for the taking...Dad's burrito..."Mine"...Mom's Coffee..."Mine"..."Mine, Mine..MINE!!!!!".  It started last tuesday when we came home from daycare and Michael decided to open up the fridge and grab the last five slices of american cheese.  I offered to help peel him a slice but instead he said "No" which sounded to me like "Your powers are weak old man, take your hands off my damn cheese" and so he proceeded to run away from me so that he could enjoy his cheese.  Now we move to Friday 3/27/09.  I arrive at daycare to pick up Michael and his teacher begins to tell me how she had to put Michael in Time Out because he kept taking toys away from other children and claimed that they guessed it "Mine".  So that escalated into Michael attempting to throw another child out of a rocking chair because Michael claimed that the chair was his. After the assault.  So as Michael's teach Miss. Sade was explaining what happened, Michael was performing damage control by huggin me, and saying things like "Daddy I love you" and "Hi Daddy, My Daddy".  I believe Michael has a future in politics.

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