Friday, August 29, 2008

The sad demise of "Goodnight Moon"

We have a pretty standard bedtime routine; Sippy, Bath, Book and Bed. I start the routine by stripping Michael nakey in his bedroom, then he crawls at top speed into the bathroom where Jaime is drawing the bath.

So Tuesday night the routine was pretty normal, except Jaime came into Michael's bedroom to talk to me, affording Michael some time to play nakey. He goes to his bookself, pulls out Goodnight Moon (his favorite, which we read every night) and proceeds to "read" it. I mentioned to Jaime how cute it was, and about a minute later pick him up and proceed with the routine.

Fast forward to storytime and I go to grab Goodnight Moon from the floor and it is sopping wet. Apparently what I thought was a quick read was a quick potty break. I noticed him standing at the bookshelf with the book on the floor, so he must have great aim.

Anyway, I let the book air out, even though Michael still wanted me to read it, pee on or not. It's pretty beat up and I have to pick up a new copy this weekend.

Goodnight book, you have served us well.

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  1. I thought for sure he might have left a turd, pee wasn't so bad. hee hee hee


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