Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Tale of Two Fishies

Last Saturday we decided to check out a local Greek Festival. Jaime and I both love the food and they had games, rides and shopping booths. The gyros were to die for, I cannot get enough of the Tsaziki sauce. Mmmmmmmmmm! One of the booths was selling belly dancing hip scarves in both adult and childrens sizes. I couldn't resist and bought a pink children's size one for Gabrielle. She loved it and every time she walked the beads and coins would jingle. You can only imagine the noise it made when she ran. Sorry, Monica.

There was a fish bowl, golf ball toss game and we got a bucket of balls to throw. Michael thought it was the best thing ever and was laughing hysterically while "throwing" balls on the floor and at other players. Turns out we didn't make one ball into a fish bowl, but since we bought a bucket of balls we were guaranteed a fish.

We picked up our prize, a small white koi fish with an orange top. Jaime promptly declaired that his name was Fishstick. Michael was in awe and repeated "ish", ok more like "shhhhh". Considering we didn't have any fish supplies we headed to the pet store and bought an old fashioned fish bowl and some food. (First mistake) We then decided to get Fishstick a friend. We waited our turn and spoke to an extremely rude clerk. I told him the fish I wanted, another koi the same size as Fishstick, he said no since the bowl was too small. Said Fishstick wouldn't last a day. We opted for a smaller goldfish, called Chips, and still very pretty and went home. The entire way, I complained about how much the clerk sucked. We got the fish settled into their new home and all was well.

The next morning, both fish were alive and well. Well, maybe not so well. They seemed to trying to get air at the top of the bowl. I told Jaime that we needed a better tank, with a bubbler and filter. He agreed and said we should go out and get one. Considering it was early we decided to wait until after breakfast. Fishstick decides to go belly up right in the middle of our pancakes. After a burial at sea, complete with a flush, we switched out the water in the bowl and Chips seemed much better.

So fast forward to approximately $100 dollars in fish equipment and a replacement Fishstick later, we are the proud owners of two fish. Fishstick #2 and Chips.

F & C Version 1.0

F & C Version 2.0

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