Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 Firsts - Meeting the Easter Bunny and Coloring/Dying Eggs

We had a fun filled Easter weekend. We were scheduled to go on an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, but it rained pretty badly. We opted to go visit the Easter bunny, but Michael wanted no parts of him. It was pretty funny and he just kept repeating "No Bunny!" We did manage to take a couple funny pictures.

Later that afternoon (and after Michael's haircut, but that's another story), we decided to try coloring Easter eggs. Michael had a BLAST. He seriously loved it and did each step on his own including coloring the water, dipping the eggs and smashing them together. LOL! Anyone want egg salad??

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  1. He is definately a art kind of guy. Can you even imagine the possibilites since his Mom and Dad are creative and funny people...
    By the way I colored a dozen eggs by myself this year. It a tradition to smell the vineger colors!


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