Saturday, May 19, 2012

Songs from the Vault Saturday #6

Welcome to week 6 of

Songs from the Vault Saturday!

If you missed last week's song, check it out HERE

SFTVS was missing for a few weeks due to me being sick.
But now we are back!
This week I decided to share 2 songs to make up for lost time.
To celebrate Michael's birthday,
I've chosen a party theme.
One song for him and one song for me.

His song is one of his favorites.
He loves to sing it out at full volume in the car.
And I like to tap my foot to it.

My song is an old school freestyle classic.
Yes, I'm showing my age.
It makes me want to sing it out loud.
Even if I totally embarass myself.
It's in my iPod.

LMFAO -  Party Rock

My observations from this video:
  • LOVE the "zombie" theme.
  • I really want to comb their hair.  ick.
  • If you watch "So you think you can dance" you can see Hauk and Quest Crew dancing with them. :)

Stevie B. -  Party Your Body

My observations from this video:
  • I wish there was a video.
  • Hey, but instead I get to look at that super awesome mullet! And this is a good pic...

I hope you like them as much as I do.


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