Saturday, December 24, 2011

Back to life as we know it!

Jaime was released from the hospital on Thursday!
:::insert dance of joy:::

I was so happy to see him healthy and ready to come home. 
I never want him to experience that kind of pain again. 
I never want to face that kind of fear again.
I was also happy to have help again.
 (I'm not going to lie).

Unfortunately, I did end up catching a cold which turned into a severe sinus infection
on Sunday and plagued me all week.
My God, the pain.
I couldn't get an appointment to see my Dr. for 2 weeks.

However, with a sick husband and a little boy who needs him momma,
I had to suck it up and put on my big girl panties.
Michael was an angel all week.
Don't get me wrong, he was still 4 1/2
but he was so good.
I was just a mess.

Jaime was supposed to be released on Wednesday, but elevated white blood cell count
made his Dr. concerned and they kept him another day.
I was in tears.
I just wanted everything back to normal.

I was able to see another Dr. on Thursday morning, who gave me the
antibiotics I desperately needed.
Then I went to the hospital to wait on Jaime's release.
One look at my weary, sick face and I was sent to bed to rest as soon as we got home.
Isn't he sweet?
For thinking of me when he was the one that was so incredibly ill?

Now, we are both trying to get back to 100% healthy, get ready for Christmas
and get back to our lives.

Remember to take the time to take care of yourself
and appreciate the others that share your life
since things can change so quickly.

With Love,


PS.  I did want to share some of the funnier parts of this past 2 weeks.
Like how Jaime's first Dr. was called Dr. Love.
For Reals.
With the perfect head of hair, goatee, and ivory necklace.
Kinda reminded me of "Color Me Badd"

Or how his ICU nurse's name was Dawn, which was no big deal
the Physician's Assistant came in and introduced himself as....
Wait for it
Dr. Orlando
Dr. Tony Orlando
I am not making this up.
I almost burst into a rendition of
"Knock Three Times"
Yeah, I'm old.
But it made me laugh.
And they did a great job in making Jaime better.

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  1. so happy for Jaime and the whole family! i wish you and yours the best holiday season ever and may it be filled with love and joy and i do believe that is so very true all ready!!!! sending holiday hugs to you and yours and wishes for a magical new year!


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