Friday, April 6, 2012

Bunny Snack Mix filled "Carrots"

Michael's Pre-School Easter/Spring Party was today 
and I wanted to bring a fun little treat for the kids.

I found these fun little carrot bags at The Christmas Tree Shop.
15 bags and matching twist ties for $1.

Can beat that with a stick!

I decided to fill the bags with Bunny Snack Mix:

Starburst jelly beans (my fav)
Sweet Tart jelly beans
Bunny shaped marshmallows.

I mixed up all the candy in a bowl and got to stuffing.

Here is my first carrot all done.

My finished set of 24 for the kids.
I also grabbed Michael's basket since there was going to be an
Easter Egg Hunt before the party. 

I thought they were adorable and so easy.

I set one out for each child and they were a hit!

I wanted to add some pictures of Michael's Egg Hunt.
The kid was on fire.

Look at that stash of eggs.

Someone was very proud of themselves.  :)



  1. I miss The Christmas Tree shop. Looks like you guys had such a fun day! Those are my kind of carrots!

    Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday!


  2. He's looking in that other kid's egg bag and thinking, "Yeah, you did OK for a kid. I did better..."


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