Sunday, April 22, 2012

Play Ball!

Yesterday morning was Michael's first Tee Ball practice.
Let me just say that this kid was excited!
He asked to play and has been repeatedly asking when practice starts for months.
Not bad for a almost 5 year old.

Jaime and I, being the proud parents that we are, had to get this day on film, video and blog.
It was supposed to rain, but the weather ended up being perfect.

Here is our little man, all suited up and ready.

We were one of the first families at the park and got to chose Michael's number.
Jaime picked out #6 for Michael.
Apparently that is Ryan Howard's number on the Phillies.
Yeah, like I would know.
While we waiting for the other families, we heard lots of dads asking for #6.
Jaime just smiled.

Michael did have two classmates on his team.
I think that made the whole experience even better.
Camryn and Michael did the whole practice together.
The silly kids. So cute!

Waiting to learn how to run the bases.

Michael heading home and Camryn cheering him on!
Along with Jaime and I.

Waiting their turn and cheering on the other kids.

Batting practice.
Look at the form. :)

Throwing practice.
He really like this station.
Even though he kept telling the coach, "I can do it myself".
After a brief talk with me, Michael listened the instruction and was throwing great!.

  Look at that look of pride. 

Here is the whole team. 

We had a great morning, even if practice started at 8:00 am.
This should be fun for all of us.
Now I just need to remember to pack chairs, drinks, snacks and hats.

Yay, Tee Ball!


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