Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crib Chronicles - Big Boy Bed

We had been planning on moving Michael to his big boy bed in the fall. He was doing great in the crib, but it was time to upgrade. I converted his crib to a daybed and I installed a bed guard rail. Jaime tethered all of the large furniture and I removed anything that could possibly cause a fire or total mess (lotions, creams, etc.). Lastly, his nightlight was replaced with 2 LED press lights, one regular and one with that shines a moon and stars on the ceiling, and I have a gate for his bedroom door so we were good to go.

Michael was pretty excited on moving to his big boy bed. He got upset when I layed him down after our normal bedtime routine. He wanted his old nightlight and kept asking for me to put the lights on. After about 5 minutes and some soothing, he fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole night. So far, so good. Let's hope it stays that way.

In the pictures, please note his backwards pjs (Nakey Boy post). :)

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