Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We spent a cool Halloween day hanging out with Grandma, carving pumpkins and trick or treating! Carving the pumpkin was funny, since Michael wouldn't touch the guts saying they were too yucky. He ended up letting Jaime do the cleaning, helping me design the face and letting me carve as he supervised. Once I was finished he proudly proclaimed, "Michael's, pumpkin!"

Michael really didn't want to leave Daddy as he handed out candy, but once he realized that he was receiving candy at other houses, he was ALL over it. I had planned on taking him to a few houses on our street and we ended up going to about 6 whole streets, and he walked for most of it. He kept laughing and wanting to "ring bells, mama!" We did come across a few houses with spooky decorations and other trick or treaters with gory costumes. Michael would stop and say "No like, too scary, mama." It was really cute. He filled up his bucket and we headed home, all the while him trying to hit up houses we already visited. Daddy and I had a nice, non-candy, treat bag for him at home, with games and fun stuff. I was hoping it would take some of the focus away from the candy. It worked a little bit. :)

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