Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crib Chronicles - Nakey Boy

So last Saturday (Halloween) we put Michael to bed as usual with no issues, nada. Jaime went in to check on him before we went to bed around midnight. He walks into our room and asks what I put Michael to bed wearing. I ask why and he proceeds to tell me that our son is lying completely naked and spread eagle on top of all the junk in his crib. Michael decided the day before to begin stripping naked. He had done it at naptime and Jaime caught him squatting naked in his crib trying to figure out how to get his diaper back on, but he only had on a shirt and diaper so I thought it was just easy access. This time he had on long sleeved pjs, pants and his diaper. So the result was that Michael had gone pee and we had to wake him, clean him up, dress him and then strip the bed. He ended up in bed with us that night, so Jaime and I got no sleep. I guess it was his Halloween trick for us. Next time I will be sure to take a picture.

Now I'm gun shy and we've been checking on him constantly to make sure he is clothed.

So I woke up on Monday morning and Michael was stirring in his bed. He started playing and then I heard him mention something about his diaper. I went into his room and found this. He had stripped again and you can slightly tell in the picture that he's sitting in a circle of pee. He was dressed at 1 am. Everything was soaked,again, so I had to strip and wash everything yet again. After some tips from my mommy friends, we have been dressing him in a zip up footie pj, put on backwards. It kinda looks like a straight jacket, but he hasn't had any accidents since. :)

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